The Magician's Hidden Library Magic Words: A Dictionary

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Praise for Magic Words: A Dictionary "[A]n impressive work. . . . The 'take away' I had from this book has less to do with the amusing words and their definitions, and more to do with a thoughtful consideration of the role of the magic word in my own work." -- Brad Henderson, MAGIC, The Magazine for Magicians "I am in awe of the volume and variety of the usages and references dis cussed: the research seems monumental. . . . Yes, it will not only give you the importance of magic words, the kinds of magic words used under what circumstances, what the public (as expressed through references in literature) thinks about magic words and what are magic words, it will help you understand magic and your relationship to it. Recommended as a very useful resource for those who think and care." -- Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring Magazine "No matter how you approach it, Conley has given us a delightful resource that entertains, informs, and inspires. If only more books, especially those for magicians, offered as much." -- Gordon Meyer, author of Smart Home Hacks "Recommended!" -- Eugene Burger, author of Mastering the Art of Magic "Truly words of magic about magic words!" -- Bill Wisch, creator of "The Magic Word" program "This is a great book. Loads of fun to browse through and stimulate understandings and possibilities. . . . fascinating information that is stimulating for the creation of either tricks or presentations, being quite difficult to let go of." -- Robert Neale, author of The Magic Mirror "Too often we forget the real Magic in our lives. Craig Conley is a student of Wonder, and like all true Wonder Experiencers, he is moved to share that. Mr. Conley reminds us to open our eyes, minds, ears and hearts to the Wonder within and without. Those of us who travel along such paths are ever grateful for Those Few who travel with us in spirit. Craig Conley is one of Those Few." -- Kenton Knepper (The Mystic of Magic), author of Wonder Words "Extremely good, and shows an astounding amount of research . . . Wonderful and fascinating." -- Stephen Minch, author of Mind and Matter
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