The Magician's Hidden Library Magic Words: A Dictionary

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82 MAGIC WORDS Common Magician's Applications: Escapes. When used as a prop in the form of an ancient talisman, Saritap Pernisox Ottarim can lend an ancient Egyptian mystique to any escape routine. Figure 35. Emblazoned with astrological symbolism, this lock- picking talisman has an occult appearance but not an infernal purpose. It is based upon the research of Arthur Edward Waite in The Book of Ceremonial Magic (191 ). Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas Meanings: • The creator holds the working of the spheres [cycles of life] in his hands -- Suzanne Alejandre, "The Sator Square" (2005) • The farmer, Arepo, keeps the world rolling -- Wolfram Research (1999) • The sower, Arepo, holds the wheels with care -- (2005) Origins: This palindromic ancient charm (possibly untranslatable), dates back to the first century and was discovered as graffiti in the buried city of Pompeii. (Incidentally, Pompeii itself is a "centuries-old magic word."10) The charm's possible origin in Alexandria, Egypt (between 0 BCE and 50 CE) 10 Walter Benjamin, Reflections (1978)
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