The Magician's Hidden Library Magic Words: A Dictionary

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b 14 Bibbidy-Bobbidi-Boo A little bibbidy-bobbidy-boo goes a long way. -- Kristen Kidder, "Average Joe: Hawaii," Mystique: These magic words are the stuff of enthrallment, of being "wrapped in a cloud of bliss, taking in the color and fantasy and bibbidy bobbidy-boo of it all." Meanings: • Believe it or not "We found a card key in the ashtray of the rental vehicle. Anyway, it takes some footwork. But we run it down and -- bibbity-bobbity-boo -- it's a Comfort Inn . . ." -- John Case, The Genesis Code (1997) • Magic word "[O]ne 'bibbity bobbity boo' later, there she is dancing with the prince." -- Calvin Miller, The Empowered Leader (1995) "When the pre-schooler forgot to say please, Dana said, 'What's the magic word?' . . . 'Bibbidy bobbidy boo.'" -- (2005) • Mumbo jumbo, gibberish "[G]obbledy-gook, helter-skelter, or bibbity-bobbity-boo . . ." -- Bruce Hayes, Metrical Stress Theory (1995) • "This way, that way, there!" -- • Yada yada yada "I beat you to death, pee on your body, we all go get drunk, bibbity, bobbity, boo." -- Warren Murphy, "Collaboration," Murder Among Friends (2000) Origins: The phrase came down to us "from a Celtic spell meant to direct a thrown javelin or fired arrow unerringly to its intended target."24 Facts: These magic words were made famous by the song "Bibbidy-Bob bidi-Boo" by Jerry Livingston, Mack David, and Al Hoffman, from the Walt Disney film Cinderella (1950). Common Magician's Applications: Transformations. Variations and Incantations: • Alikazoola, mitchikaboola, bibbidy-bobbidy-boo -- Edward G. Rozycki, "AMERICA 2000: An Education Strategy: The Artifact of a Society Past" (1999) 2 Harry R. Moody, The Five Stages of the Soul (1997) 24 25 Jon Burlingame, Sound and Vision: 60 Years of Motion Picture Soundtracks (2000)
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