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S 87 seduced only by one who has fought according to the rules. Guardians of the lost word: the magic formula that opens eyes and makes one the equal of God." -- Arturo Perez-Reverte, The Club Dumas (1996) Sesame (see open sesame and simsim) You in your vest of Sesames and Ali-Babas. -- Jacob Glatstein (Yankev Glatshteyn), "We the Wordprole- tariat" (19 7), Jewish American Literature (2001) Mystique: "[I]t is a seed, a spiritual food, a magic word which opens a long-hidden, underground treasure-house."21 Origins: Sesame is "related to Egyptian seshemu, 'sexual intercourse.' The hieroglyphic sign of seshemu was a penis inserted into an arched yoni-symbol. Every ancient culture used some form of sexual symbolism for the idea of man-entering-paradise." Variations and Incantations: • Open sesame "Sesame. Shall we say, 'Open Sesame!?'" -- Audry Couto McClelland, Preconception Plain & Simple (2004) In Literature: • "This magical word . . . is the sesame of life, for it unveils for all to see fabulous treasures, captivating perspectives, extraordinary worlds -- and what is even more, pleasures, joys, in short happiness!" -- Susan K. Besse, Restructuring Patriarchy (1996) • "[T]he diploma that opens the Sesame of success and wealth." -- Katharine Washburn, Dumbing Down (1997) Shabukalakazam (see allakazam) In Literature: • "'Say the magic word . . .' 'Shabukalakazam?'" -- Sa'ar Chasm, "Five- Minute 'Body Parts'" (200 ) 21 George Painter, Marcel Proust: A Biography (1865), quoted in Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography by Meryle Secrest (1992) 22 Barbara G. Walker, Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (198 )
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