Mixing vampire humor and 1970s tropes (like pet rocks, lava lamps, disco music, bell-bottom pants, mirror balls, and of course mood rings), the web series Grave Mood Rings pokes fast fun at classic slow-moving Gothic soap operas like Dark Shadows and the Canadian series Strange Paradise.  In addition to a vampiric Viscount, the castle is home to a groovy Doctor (a phlebotomist, naturally), a cross-dressing housekeeper, and an arch-nemesis riddler wearing a Sphinx mask.  Corny wordplay, the occasional bizarre sing-a-long, and haunted doughnuts punctuate the proceedings, in the tradition of the sketch comedy of MadTV, Kids in the Hall, and SCTV. Hailed as “a surrealist, dadaistic, even post-contemplationist” art piece, Grave Mood Rings constitutes a weird intersection in the universe of Prof. Oddfellow’s Penetralia.

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