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Magic Archetypes: The Art Behind the Science of Conjuring

Stage illusionists and amateur conjurors play out a mythic story, told through the deep symbolism underlying their age-old magic tricks and tools: the top hat, cups and balls, escape trunk, linking rings, white dove and rabbit, wand, handcuffs, restored ropes and papers, multiplying coins, etc.  This book explores how magical props, as symbols, point beyond themselves to the larger mystery.

Magic Archetypes is a picto-poetic history of magic predating Robert Houdin’s Scientific School of conjuring, recalling the ancient Mystery School traditions.  Told by artists from the 700s - 1600s who were influenced by the iconography of even earlier ages, this history is an initiation into the deeper aspects of magic: the meaning in the art beyond clever trickery, the archetypes at play since time immemorial.  A fascinating, enlightening companion for professional illusionists, amateur conjurors, and art lovers intrigued by the power of archetypes.


“I am enchanted.  This book is not specifically aimed at a pagan audience, but it should be read by one.  Taking woodcuts and images from historical manuscripts, Conley tells the story of Magic as an entertainment art form.  But not only as entertainment, there is something deeper here.  The 4 types of mage (trickster, sorcerer, oracle & sage) are introduced and expanded through pictures and deeply philosophical text.  It is for the reader to discover the true purpose of this book, and a review here will only lead you, when you should discover for yourself.  5 stars.”  —Jon Randall, Pentacle Magazine

“. . . I’m giving this five stars for its fine production, its uniqueness, and because I can’t imagine how it might be improved.  Ultimately, as a book with liberal doses of art, science, and philosophy its worth will be a subjective judgment.  But if it speaks to you, there is much to be heard.”  Gordon Meyer, author of Smart Home Hacks [Read Full Review]

“Craig Conley’s Magic Archetypes is a feast for the eye and the mind.  A marvelous read!”  Eugene Burger, author of Mastering the Art of Magic

“Magic Archetypes is a lavishly illustrated tome filled with thought-provoking visual concepts and captioned ideas intended to prod the reader to unleash the creative self.”  Joe Lantiere, author of The Magician’s Wand

“A treat for the eye as well as the mind.”  —Robert Neale, author of The Magic Mirror

“Recommended!”  Jeff McBride, author of The Mystery School Book

“Great and very needed.”  Kenton Knepper (The Mystic of Magic), author of Wonder Words

“Terrific!”  Tobias Beckwith, Magic Producer and Manager

“Magician and author Craig Conley has collected magic imagery from the 1500’s through the 1700’s, adding brief comments about his interpretation.  He invites the reader to explore the images for esoteric and exoteric meanings.  He encourages you to look at the image and see what story the image tells you.  Then he tempts you to gaze at them as a meditative focal point to see what is triggered for you.  The book ends with Jeff McBride’s Abracadazzle told through Renaissance Engravings.  This book is great fun to engage with.”  Fredrick Turner, magician

“Nothing short of delightful, stuffed . . . with old engravings and marvelous esoteric iconography.”  —Pam Grossman, Phamtasmaphile

“Interesting and very unique.”  —Joe Pon, Misdirections Magic Shop proprietor

“Very interesting.”  —Paul Richards, magic inventor and Elmwood Magic proprietor

“Enjoyable.”  —John Granrose, author of The Archetype of the Magician

“Interesting!”  The Daily Grail

About the Author

Craig Conley is a magic enthusiast and scholar.  Recognized by Encarta as “America’s most creative and diligent scholar of letters, words and punctuation,” his intensive and eccentric research has led him to compile a true masterwork entitled Magic Words: A Dictionary.  He has also authored One-Letter Words: A Dictionary, among other strange and unusual lexicons, and is a regular columnist for Pentacle magazine.  Conley’s ideas are often decades ahead of their time.  He invented the concept of the “virtual pet” in 1980, fifteen years before the debut of the popular “Tamagotchi” in Japan.  His virtual pet, actually a rare flower, still thrives and has reached an incomprehensible size.

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