Magic Words: A Dictionary
Upmanship Tricks: Secrets of One-Upping Magicians
The Pencil Witch
Seance Parlor Feng Shui
The Care and Feeding of a Spirit Board
Divination By Punctuation
Heirs to the Queen of Hearts: Tracing Magical Genealogy
How to Believe in Your Elf
The Skeleton Key of Solomon
The One Minute Mystic
The Egyptian Secrets in Your Name
The Original Cloudbuster (iOS App)
Oracle of the Two-Fold Gods
The Young Wizard's Hexopedia
Of Feeding & Caring For Sheet Ghosts
ESP Symbols: An Entire Language For Psychic Spies?
Of Drinking in Remembrance of the Dead
Nostradamus Predicted Your Next Diet
How to Hoodoo Hack a Yearbook
Magic Archetypes
Astragalomancy: A Loaded Guide
The JINX Companion
Machinarium Verbosus
A Field Guide to Identifying Unicorns by Sound
The Ghost in the [Scanning] Machine
Trump L'Oeil: Tarot of Portmeirion
The Magician's Hidden Library: Select a book to read online or get one for your shelf
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Machinarium Verbosus book cover

Machinarium Verbosus:
A Curiosity Cabinet of Gadgets To
Transform Any Book & Reader, To Be Sure

Machinarium Verbosus
  • Be fully bearded, before 5 o'clock
  • Your self-portrait in any book
  • Perform on-the-spot alchemy
  • Become a living monument
  • Transport to La Mancha
  • Squelch anything
  • Pinpoint pirate treasure
  • & more!


“What a creation.  Crucial concern with an excitingly playful presentation.  This is a seriously silly offering that is totally unique.  It is remarkable.”  —Robert E. Neale, author of Magic & Meaning

“I am enjoying the devious slyness of each moment it contains, and looking forward to these changing each time I look.”  —Kenton Knepper, author of Lasting Effects

“Upon finishing it, I feel that I’ve been possessed by every writer I”ve ever read, and they’ve altered my reality by their presences.  Kind of a mental tickle with a serious subtext.”  —Ken Clinger, recording artist

Machinarium Verbosus really should be used as a workbook in college courses.  And not just Literature courses but all manner of Philosophy, Psychology, even business and advertising.  It’s a great exercise book to get the right brain flexing some muscle and exerting a bit of power over the left brain.  Get the creative energy flowing...  I’m reminded of Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Creative Artist Within.”  —Adam McFarland

“Fun and thought-provoking.”  —Larry Hass, author of Gift Magic

“Most enjoyable and stimulating to revisit.”  —George Parker, author of Imagination-Reality-Mystery

“Wonderful!”  —Eugene Burger, author of Mastering the Art of Magic

“Delightfully perplexing!”  —Jeff McBride, author of The Show Doctor

“An utter delight.”  —Martha Brockenbrough, author of Devine Intervention

“Exciting!”  —Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, author of Custom Made, Adult Size: Assorted Humor Writing

“[Conley] is a notable exception to the rule that our age is barren of delicious eccentric thinkers.”  —William Keckler, author of Sanskrit of the Body

“Yet one more testimony to the love of literature, the delight of inventiveness, and the sheer joy of witticism.”  —Bernie DeKoven, author

About the Author

Craig Conley is a magic enthusiast and scholar.  Recognized by Encarta as “America’s most creative and diligent scholar of letters, words and punctuation,” his intensive and eccentric research has led him to compile a true masterwork entitled Magic Words: A Dictionary.  He has also authored One-Letter Words: A Dictionary, among other strange and unusual lexicons, and is a regular columnist for Pentacle magazine.  Conley’s ideas are often decades ahead of their time.  He invented the concept of the “virtual pet” in 1980, fifteen years before the debut of the popular “Tamagotchi” in Japan.  His virtual pet, actually a rare flower, still thrives and has reached an incomprehensible size.

Featured Works:
  • Magic Words: A Dictionary
  • Magic Archetypes: The Art Behind the Science of Conjuring
  • The Skeleton Key of Solomon
  • The Collected Oldest Trick(s) in the Book(s)
  • Esoteric Articles
  • Trump L’Oeil: Tarot of Portmeirion

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    Published Works by Craig Conley

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